Will i be able not to provide the bank with any personal data, for instance, not to provide my identity number, not to present and not copy the id document if i want to receive a service?

We ask you to submit personal data only because we need it for some purpose, for instance, to provide a service to you, identify you in accordance with the procedure established by law, contact you and inform about any changes in the services we provide, perform the legal obligations, etc. We process your personal data only for the intended purpose and in the required scope in accordance with the requirements of the law. We do not ask you to submit more personal data than we need. We also guarantee non-disclosure and security of your personal data.

If we ask you to provide a copy of your passport or identity card, this is only because our obligation to obtain and store a copy of your identity document is provided by the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Law establishing that banks starting business relationships or transactions make copies of the documents on the basis of which you were identified. The same law states that in cases where the previously submitted identity document has become invalid, the bank must make a copy of the identity document as part of your identification.

In other cases, in order to provide the respective service to you and perform your identification, we will ask you to produce an identity document but we will not copy it.

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