Become a customer

What to know before applying

If you are not yet our customer, you can join us without visiting the bank! All you need is the app: take a selfie, and we will send your card by mail for free.

To become a client using the Citadele app, you must:

  • be an adult, at least 18 years old
  • have a citizen or non-citizen passport or ID card issued by the Republic of Latvia
  • have a phone number registered in Latvia
  • have a permanent address in Latvia
  • be tax resident in one country only - Latvia

If one of the above points does not apply, we welcome you to any of our branches, bringing along a form of ID. If you are under 18 but over 7, you can apply by bringing one of your parents with you.

Filling in an application in the mobile app takes an average of 7 minutes.

Bear in mind that when you become a customer of the bank via the Citadele app, your monthly upper incoming transfer limit will be €3000 per month. This can be changed at any of our branches.

Download the Citadele app and fill the application  

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