How does a video consultation with a bank specialist take place?

After you call us to apply for a video consultation, you will receive an email invitation from Citadele.

Confirm the invitation in the calendar so that the bank employee knows you are available to meet remotely at this time. Read the details in the email and note the time the consultation will take place.

How do I join a video consultation remotely?

We recommend spending 5 minutes before the consultation time to get ready. You can join the consultation in 4 simple steps:

  1. Click on the invitation you receive by email, on the link “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting”:

  2. If you wish to join on your smart device, you must first download the Microsoft Teams app (available to both Android and iOS users). If you want to use a browser on your computer, you do not need to download anything—simply click on “Join on the WEB instead”

  3. Click “Joining as a guest” without registering. Enter your name and confirm your attendance at the meeting.

  4. Check your equipment (microphone and camera) is activated before you join the call. When this is done, click “Join now” to connect to our consultant. Bear in mind: if this is your first time using Microsoft Teams on your device, you will have to confirm access to your microphone and camera.

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