How to apply for a loan break?

In response to doubts over the impact of Covid-19 on the economic situation of households, we are offering the option of delaying base loan repayments.

Offer does not apply to minimum credit card payments.

Loan breaks apply for:

  • job loss (as of March 8th 2020);
  • unpaid leave linked with temporary reduction in a business’ income (requires a statement or confirmation from employer);
  • reduced income by more than 20%.

How to receive a loan break?

  1. Please go to the Citadele online bank under Correspondence with Bank and fill in the Application for deferral of credit principal payments (in the case of leasing: Application for grace period (Leasing)) or apply for an in-branch consultation by phone at 6701 0000. Leasing clients who do not have a Citadele account should fill in the Application for grace period and email it to;
  2. Attach/submit a State Social Insurance Agency statement (information on social insurance payments and insurance periods) from for at least the past 6 months and/or a notice/confirmation from your employer (if you are on unpaid leave);
  3. After submission, you will receive a notification through the online bank (in case of leasing - by e-mail) on your confirmed changes and new payment timetable.

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