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Unable to embark on a planned trip or a trip has to be cut short

What is covered?
- Serious illness, accidents, flare-ups of chronic illnesses and death of the customer or their family members;
- Terrorist attacks, cancelled concerts, pregnancy complications;
- The need to attend court; attendance needed regarding losses made to the customer’s property;
- If the trip is cut short due to serious illness in family members, accident, flare-ups of chronic illnesses , death; terrorism.

Balcia covers
- Costs related to the booked trip (airfare, accommodation, vehicle rental, theatre or concert tickets for trips within the country of residence);
- In the case of a trip being cut short, the purchase of new tickets, unused accomodation nights.

You must submit the following to Balcia:
- A document confirming the reason for annulment or cancellation (such as medical documentation, doctor’s note);
- In the case of family members, documents confirming your relationship;
- Documents confirming travel expenses (hotel, tickets, car rental agreement), your tour company agreement (if such exists);
- If your trip was interrupted, your new tickets and documents confirming payment;
- If the accident took place on a trip in your country of residence, information on your permanent/official residence.

! Trip cancellation also applies to trips within your country of residence.

When an insured event has occurred, call Balcia assistance service phone: +371 6581 8365, e-mail:

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