For ABLV/PNB Bank clients

Can my money be transferred to my account in another bank without opening a Citadele account? If so, how?

If you haven’t used a PNB Banka account to receive SSIA payments, you can freely choose which account you would like to use to receive state-guaranteed compensation. It is important that the account is in your name. This account number should be given to Citadele when applying for state-guaranteed compensation.

If your PNB Banka account has been used to accept SSIA payments, you will have to go to one of Citadele branches with your passport or ID in order to sign some necessary documents. A Citadele account will automatically be opened for you, and your compensation will be transferred there. You will be invited to submit an application for the transfer of money to another bank account. It will be transferred after the documents have been processed. The money transfer will take place in the same way as any standard euro transfer to another bank.

You will also be able to complete an application to VSAA for future benefits/pensions in another bank account.

If you are a receiver of VSAA payments and you already have an account in another bank, go to VSAA and notify them of your new account number to which you would like to receive payments in future. All VSAA payments that have not been executed to “PNB Bank” will be paid within 3 working days after the VSAA has received information on the new customer account number.

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