Changes in the Use of Code Cards as of 1 April 2017

From 1 April 2017, according to the requirements of EU regulations, a code card will not be considered a secure tool sufficient for authorisation in the Online Banking and the Citadele mobile application.


What changes will be applied to users of code cards?

From 1 April 2017, a supplementary authorisation code must be entered in addition to a code from a code card when making certain payments/transactions in Online Banking or the Citadele mobile application (e.g. making a payment to another bank for an amount exceeding 30 EUR). This code will be sent by SMS to the registered mobile phone number of the Online Banking user.

What text will be contained in the SMS sent by the bank?

  1. Such an SMS will contain the additional authorisation code consisting of 5 digits. This code will be valid for and can be used only for the confirmation of the specific payment or document.
  2. SMS messages addressed to clients with Latvian mobile phone numbers will also contain information on the transaction/document that a client is going to sign (e.g. Deposit). If it is a payment, the SMS will contain information on the payee's account number and amount.

What should I do if I see two fields for entering the authorisation code on the payment/document signature page?

  1. Wait until you receive SMS sent by the bank, then enter the authorisation code in the respective field. If you have not received SMS within a minute, the button "Send SMS again" will appear in the Online Banking or mobile application.
  2. Enter the required code from the code card in the next field.
  3. Check to ensure that the information on the transaction/payment specified in the SMS corresponds to the information that you see on the Online Banking screen and the information that you wanted to specify.
  4. If the information is correct, enter the code and complete signing the document/payment. If there is a data mismatch, please call the bank at 67010000 immediately.

    Remember! The SMS will be sent to you immediately after you have the reached the signature stage where you would usually enter a code from the code card. If you decide to change the account number and/or amount, a new SMS will be sent to you and the previous SMS will not be valid. If you change other details, e.g. information for the payee, a new SMS will not be sent. If you have changed the payee’s account number and/or the amount, you should use the authorisation code specified in the new SMS.

Please make sure that the correct phone number is registered in the bank to ensure that the bank will be able to send an SMS to you and you will be able to receive it.

If you fail to confirm your mobile phone number or to specify the correct number, use of  Online Banking or the Citadele mobile application with a code card (without receipt of SMS) will be limited (you will be able to make payments to other banks for an amount up to 30 EUR, not exceeding 150 EUR per day; you will not be able to sign agreements and orders addressed to the bank; you will not be able to change your contact information). To resume fully-featured use of a code card, you should call at 67010000; if you cannot identify yourself during a phone call, please visit the nearest  Citadele branch, taking along a valid identification document (passport or ID card), and inform the bank of your correct mobile phone number.

When is it necessary to enter a code from an SMS message in addition to a code from a code card?

  • If the amount of payment to be made to another bank exceeds 30 EUR, or if the total amount of payments to another bank exceeds 150 EUR per day, as well paying for the goods in online shops with payment cards (3D Secure).
  • When you sign agreements in Online Banking, e.g. loan agreement, deposit agreements or an agreement for receipt of a new card and if you apply for the Regular Payment or Regular Payment of E-bills in the Online Banking
  • When you confirm changes in your information
  • When you overview virtual card's details
  • A code from an SMS message is not required for connecting to Online Banking or mobile application, or when making payments within bank Citadele including payments to other banks belonging to the Citadele group. As well you won't need the code from SMS message, when using Digilink services (authorize or make payments on Citadele partners' webpages). In such cases you will only have to enter a code from a code card as before.

Are there any alternatives to code cards?

  • We offer a modern, convenient and secure authorisation device - MobileSCAN, that is built into the Citadele mobile application and is suitable for iOS and Android mobile devices. Simply download the Citadele mobile application to your mobile device and activate MobileSCAN in Online Banking. MobileSCAN is free of charge.
  • Different code calculators such as Digipass are available as well

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