Even better insurance

To make sure you have exciting and safe experiences right here in Latvia, your card will have additional insurance coverage.

Covid-19 illness insurance
When traveling with X supreme card, you will be protected if Covid-19 illness is found abroad. If you need medical help, you will be reimbursed for medical expenses, expenses of replacement tickets if you can't return to the scheduled time due to hospitalization, medical evacuation. From 01.04.2021. the maximum limit for the amount of insurance for the risk “COVID-19 illness” has been changed. All insurance terms in Travel insurance contract.

Until 31.12.2021. the insurance of the bicycle policy, help package for your home and short trips in Latvia are extended.

Bike policy
This will protect you when you go out on bike rides. The bike will be insured against damage and the risk of theft. Civil liability is also insured, if losses to third parties are caused by your bicycle during your ride.

Help package for your home
Staying at home is now safe. In unexpected situations, your property will be protected, offering help in avoiding or limiting damage resulting from sudden accidents.

The following services are available in unexpected situations:

  • Consultations by phone 26121212;
  • Key service, if you are locked in or out of your property;
  • Carpentry services;
  • Plumbing services;
  • Liquid disposal services;
  • Security services;
  • Electrician services.

Travels in Latvia
Now even better terms for travel within Latvia. When you travel 50km from your home and stay 1 night in paid or previously-reserved accommodation, you are insured against accidents, medical expenses, as well as theft of cash.

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Travel insurance

Important to know before your travel

X supreme card users are given free travel insurance when travelling abroad or in Latvia (more than 95 km from their permanent place of residence and when paying for a hotel stay for no fewer than 2 nights).

During a trip, X supreme card insurance guarantees:

  • coverage of medical expenses;
  • legal help insurance;
  • accident insurance.

Important to note!

Travel insurance also applies if the trip was not paid for with your X supreme card.

Insurance applies for the first 90 calendar days of each trip, while the number of trips per year is unlimited. Insurance premiums apply to card users aged up to 80 years (inclusive). Clients aged above 80 years are not insured.

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Medical expenses during a trip

When travelling abroad, you no longer have to think about purchasing travel insurance, because your X supreme card covers medical expenses. In case of sudden illness or accident, you will be compensated for your medical expenses abroad.

Insurance protection for the costs of medical services and repatriation also applies in the case of a terrorist attack or natural disaster.

Legal help insurance during travels

If, during your travels, you accidentally breach the normative acts of the country, causing loss to a third person, and you need legal help, X supreme card insurance will cover legal fees up to 1,000 EUR.

Insured amounts when travelling abroad:

Medical expenses* incl. cost of medicine 75 000 EUR
Medical transport 75 000 EUR
Repatriation in case of death 75 000 EUR
Patient repatriation 75 000 EUR
Dental work 150 EUR
Travel expenses for arriving family members 3 000 EUR
Expenses for person accompanying the victim 3 000 EUR
Medical transport in land of residence 200 EUR
Children’s evacuation 20 000 EUR
Medical aids 200 EUR
Accident insurance 15 000 EUR
Legal help 1 000 EUR
Theft of money and robbery during travels 100 EUR
Theft of car keys 500 EUR

* If the incident occurs in Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Thailand or Russia, you must use the AAS BTA Baltic Insurance Company Client Support Service to organise support, bearing in mind the service’s recommendations for choice of medical institution.

Insured amounts when travelling in country of residence:

Travel document insurance (passport, ID card, driving license) 200 EUR
Patient repatriation 3 000 EUR
Repatriation in case of death 3 000 EUR
Trip cancellation 100 EUR
Trip cancellation if the aim of the trip is a play or concert 300 EUR
Accident insurance 2 500 EUR
Theft of money and robbery during travels 100 EUR

Total amount covered during travels – 75 000 EUR

Purchase protection

Important to know about purchase insurance

Shop securely! All purchases made with your X supreme card are insured against theft or damage as well as price protected.

Now losses incurred in case of payment card theft are also insured.

Price protection

If, within 30 days of purchase, the identical product can be purchased from a different retailer for a lower price than you paid, and the price difference is more than 20 EUR, you will be paid the difference as part of price protection. Price protection applies to Latvia (for Latvian residents) or in the cardholder’s country of residence.

Who to contact in case of an incident?

If you need the advice of an insurance specialist, a consultation, or you wish to report an incident, call the AAS BTA Baltic Insurance Company Client Support Service at any time on their 24 hour phone line for Citadele clients: +371 27774492, or email assist@bta.lv

The Citadele Bank call centre is at your service 24 hours a day every day. They will explain the terms of your insurance and help you answer any question. Simply call +371 67010000.