Receive interest on your account balance

If your monthly income is paid into a Citadele account, you will receive 0.2% per year on your average monthly X smart account balance. The maximum amount from which interest is calculated is 10,000 Euro. Interest earned is calculated on the final day of the month, and is transferred to your X smart account on the 1st of the next month.

If your income is not yet paid into a Citadele account, but you wish to receive interest on your X smart account balance, begin by transferring your wages to your X smart account. For your convenience, we offer an application form for you to download and fill in to start receiving your wages at Citadele. Sign and submit to accounting at your place of employment, and start making use of the opportunities offered by your X smart card.

Remember, to receive interest on your account balance, your income must be paid into a Citadele account regularly.

Example of how interest on your account balance is calculated:

Average monthly account balance Average monthly balance for the purposes of calculation Interest accrued Interest rate Automatically deducted Personal Income Tax* Amount earned per month
526 EUR 526 EUR 0,09 EUR 0.2% per year 0,02 EUR 0,07 EUR
10 956 EUR 10 000 EUR 1,67 EUR 0.2% per year 0,33 EUR 1,34 EUR


* More information on tax rates.