Klix – pay with your phone number

  Pay for your purchase just by entering your phone number

  • Pay with a couple of clicksPay for your purchase just by entering your phone number
  • Available to clients of any bankEnjoy the benefits of Klix, even if you are not a Citadele client
  • Secure transactionDon’t worry about your card transactions—they will always be secure

What is Klix?

The Klix mobile app allows you to pay with just a couple of clicks in all stores which offer Klix payments.

  • Now, when shopping online, you can enter your phone number and confirm your purchase instead of filling in a long form
  • Confirm your payment using a secure tool: Face ID, Touch ID our your phone or online banking PIN code
  • Paying with Klix is not just faster, it is also more secure, as your card details are not sent to the retailer
  • Klix is available to everyone. Feel free to save all your cards in the app, regardless of what bank issued them
  • You can use Klix to pay in more than 100 online stores throughout the Baltics, including the New Riga Theatre online box office, Evelatus and SonyCentrs stores, and elsewhere. See a list of all online stores

Online stores where you can pay using Klix

See list of stores

Both more convenient and more secure

Klix unites the important elements of modern payment: security, convenience and, of course, speed.

  • Available for all devices. The Klix app is available for both Apple and Android devices, as well as the most popular browsers, if you choose to shop on your computer
  • For clients of all banks. Link your phone number to any bank’s VISA, Mastercard or Maestro card that supports secure online purchases (3DSecure)
  • Your card details are safe. They are encrypted, stored in a secure bank server and never passed on to the retailer
  • No additional limits. The payment limit is the same as for your payment card. For additional security, online purchases over €30 have to be confirmed using your online bank
  • Completely free. Purchases made using the Klix app are at no additional cost

How do I create a Klix account and pay?

  • Create a Klix account: download the Klix mobile app from the AppStore (iOS) or Google Play (Android), create a Klix profile and add your card details. That’s it! Enjoy faster, easier and more secure online payments
  • Pay using Klix: look for the Klix payment option in the online store, enter your phone number, select one of the cards linked to your Klix account and confirm the payment. A few seconds, and that’s it!