Necessary documents

For reviewing mortgage credit application

When applying for mortgage credit, it is necessary to submit the following documents

  • Application for receiving mortgage credit *
  • Application for receiving guarantee *
  • If an application for a loan or a guarantee application is certified using an electronic signature, then it is necessary to complete and certify also "Acceptance for data processing". (Acceptance)
  • Passport or ID card
  • Account statement showing the last 6 months from the bank to which you and your family’s income is transferred 
  • State Revenue Service notice about income or other notice of similar content from other state’s tax administration (if credit sum exceeds 43 000 EUR)
  • Mortgage - real estate evaluation conducted by real estate evaluator, accepted by Citadele bank
  • In some cases Citadele may request additional documents

*About application forms in PDF format: 

  1. The application form can be opened with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox;
  2. Google Chrome cannot open the application form. To open, the PDF document must be downloaded to your computer (right-click and then Save as);
  3. The downloaded PDF document can be opened with, for example, Acrobat Reader DC.