State support system for purchasing home

to families with children

Apply for credit with state support if

  • You provide for at least one underage child
  • The purpose of credit is to purchase a home
  • You haven’t previously used the state support program for purchasing a home

Conditions of state guarantee amount from credit sum

  • 10% (but no more than 10 000 EUR) if family has 1 underage child
  • 15% (but no more than 15 000 EUR) if family has 2 underage children
  • 20% (but no more than 20 000 EUR) if family has 3 under-age children

List of necessary documents

  • Birth certificate of underage child (-ren)
  • State Revenue Service notice about underage children in care
  • Notice about declared persons living in customer’s declared place of residence, or notice about declared place of residence of the persons in care (notice can be received in any Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs department or municipality according to customer’s declared place of residency)