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No fee for processing your mortgage loan when you buy a home from a real estate developer. Offer applies 01.01.-30.06.2022


  • Up to 95% financingReceive an individually-calculated rate
  • Remote applicationApply online, follow the process and receive a reply by email
  • Free insuranceNo worries about your property for the entire length of the contract

Mortgage loans for different needs:

  • New projects and homes with history: we support different desires and options. See our special offers and select your future home!
  • House or apartment purchase—ALTUM financing of up to 95%, loan from 20,000 EUR, repay in up to 30 years. Option of postponing base sum repayments for up to 6 months
  • Construction loan—ALTUM financing of up to 85%, loan from 20,000 EUR, repay in up to 30 years. House must be liveable within 24 months

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New home projects

Have a look and choose your future home! When you purchase a home in a new project in Riga or elsewhere, you can receive a loan with special terms:

  • Great value! When you choose a home from a real estate developer, there is no mortgage processing fee (offer applies 01.01.-30.06.2022)
  • When you open an escrow account with us, pay just €50 commission (offer applies until 30.06.2022)
  • For apartments in several new projects, a property valuation is not necessary
  • Free property insurance for the duration of your loan

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ALTUM Support

  • For families with children or those who are expecting: a deposit from 5% of the purchase sum, as long as the property price does not exceed €250,000. Government tax is just 0.5%, and property registration is free
  • Families with at least three children, or two children and expecting a third, can receive a subsidy of up to €12,000 towards the deposit of their property purchase or home build
  • You can apply for ALTUM support again if three years have passed since receiving the previous guarantee, obligations have been covered, and the number of children in the family has increased or the family is expecting another child
  • Young professionals—professionals with higher or professional secondary education—aged up to 35 can have a lower deposit, from 5% of the purchase sum

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Free insurance

  • When you get a mortgage loan at Citadele, you will receive free home insurance at no additional cost for your whole contract period
  • The insurance also includes moveable property insurance up to 5,000 Euro and civil liability insurance up to 1,000 Euro, if your mortgage is for a residential property

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Insurance provided by AAS BTA Baltic Insurance Company in collaboration with Citadele

Special offer

If you have a mortgage loan in Citadele, we are offering a special fixed interest rate on our consumer loans and credit cards.

  • Consumer loan: 7.9 % - 9.9 %*
  • Payment card credit limit: 9 %**

Borrower’s Life Insurance

Take the opportunity to apply for life insurance with AAS CBL Life, and ensure your future has a few less worries.

  • Insure your life for the sum of your mortgage—you can ensure that your loved ones don’t have to worry about repaying your loan if something happens to you. If you want, you can also be insured for a larger sum
  • GREAT VALUE! When you sign a new life insurance contract with AAS “CBL Life”, get a 30 % discount on your accident insurance payments (insurance premium)
  • If you want, you can also build savings alongside your borrower’s life insurance to help you repay your loan quicker or save for a different goal like your children’s education
  • When you make these kinds of savings, you can receive an annual rebate on your income tax of up to 20 % of your total insurance and savings payments***
  • You can take out borrower’s insurance even if your loan is with another bank

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Service provided by Citadele subsidiary AAS CBL Life

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We offer mortgage loans from 20,000 EUR.

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