Make your money think

  • Don’t let influencers influence your bank account
  • Don't save money today just to spend it carelessly tomorrow
  • Don't fall for glossy lifestyle ads

Reckless spending causes addiction

It is said that money likes to move. The mind wants money to move upwards and increase in value. The heart wants something different – for money to move quickly and fulfill desires. At Citadele, we understand money. We also understand the needs of the mind and the heart. We stand for the responsible handling of money and wise spending. We know that everyone needs pampering every once in a while. However, we are certain that financial independence and achieving personal goals creates much greater satisfaction later than buying the 116th pair of shoes.

Don’t buy everything that is on sale

  • Instant whims are not compatible with your finances
  • You need 30 pink flamingos at home – really?
  • Don’t let influencers influence your bank account
  • Budget planning and planned purchases are always in fashion
  • Move money in the mobile app – keep track of your finances and options

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Make your own decisions

  • Whatever you spend the money on, follow your own priorities, not those of others
  • Don't save money today just to spend it carelessly tomorrow
  • If you want to show off, show off your savings
  • If you do not know how to change your habits, take a free Finotherapy test

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Don't borrow money recklessly

  • Before borrowing, read all terms and conditions, including those in small print
  • Don’t be seduced by glossy ads and deceptive discounts
  • Calculate and compare so you don't have to overpay
  • Spending should be planned along with all monthly expenses
  • If you are confused by the offers, ask us for advice - come for a consultation
  • Take care of your creditworthiness so that you can borrow without worries when needed

How to build good creditworthiness? (in Latvian)