Other services

Other services
Service Fee
Commission fee for preparation of the documents (e.g. References, account printouts, etc ) or for processing and verification of the received document (e.g. attorneys) 10 EUR per page (min 20 EUR)1
Verification of private person documents upon account opening, where the private person resides in Latvia based on a temporary residency permit issued in Latvia and has their personal identification document issued outside Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and who does not have an active work or study contract in Latvia 100 EUR
Balance review in Citadele bank (Latvia) ATMs Free of charge
Balance review in other bank ATMs 0.50 EUR
EUR cash deposits through Citadele bank’s ATMs to accounts of payment cards issued by Citadele bank Up to 10 000, 00 EUR free of charge / exceeding 10 000,00 0,2%
SMS sent to customer about card transactions 0.11 EUR
Fee for renewed payment card 1.50 EUR received by post / 5.00 EUR received at the branch
Maintainance of inactive customer’s account2 or account without active card attached (starting from second year after card’s expiry) 3 7 EUR per month
Other fees not mentioned in the price list Based on mutual agreement between the customer and the Citadele bank
  • 1 If a document must be notarized, customer pay actual expenses of notary service additionaly.
  • 2 If there have not been customer’s initiated transactions performed on the current account for more than 12 months and customer has no other contracts concluded with Citadele Bank.
  • 3 Starting from second year since last customer’s initiated transaction.