Price List of Services for Individuals

Price List of Services provided by company Citadele Lizings un Faktorings (‘the CLF’)1

Commission Fees Related to Leasing

Review of leasing application/amendments to the leasing contract Free of charge
Preparation of documents for a leasing transaction (where financing for the leasing object is not in excess of EUR 5,000) EUR 50 (incl. VAT)
Preparation of documents for a leasing transaction (where financing for the leasing object exceeds EUR 5,000) 1.5% of the purchase price of the leasing object, min. EUR 90 (incl. VAT)
Preparation, completion, coordination of documents (agreements, contracts, requests, applications, statements etc.) in connection with refinancing a leasing transaction with another financial institution 1.5% of the outstanding leasing amount, min. EUR 90 (incl. VAT)
Early repayment of leasing Free of charge
Renewal of the leasing contract on client’s initiative2 (where the leasing object has not been taken over by the CLF in its possession) EUR 245 (incl. VAT)
Renewal of the leasing contract upon client’s initiative2 (where the leasing object has been taken over by the CLF into its possession according to CLF's instructions and placed at the designated place) EUR 410 (incl. VAT)

Effective from 22 February 2016


Commission Fee for Amendments to the Leasing Contract

Amendments to the leasing contract and/or payment schedule and/or refinancing documents or other documents related to the leasing transaction (changes to leasing maturity, changes to the interest rate etc. upon client’s initiative) not provided for separately in the Price List EUR 80 (incl. VAT)
Changes to the composition of collateral EUR 130 (incl VAT)

Effective from 22 February 2016.


Commissions for Other Services Related to Leasing Transactions

Statement on the Absence of Indebtedness EUR 18 (incl. VAT)7
Statement on the Fulfilment of Obligations (performance of leasing obligations, payments, interest paid etc.) EUR 24 (incl. VAT)7
Preparation of other non-standard statements3 EUR 48 (incl. VAT)7
Production of a copy, duplicate upon client’s request (for one document) EUR 7 (incl. VAT)7
Preparation of a power of attorney for a leasing transaction4 EUR 18 (incl. VAT)
Preparation of other legal instruments for a transaction upon client’s initiative5 EUR 80 (incl. VAT)6
Preparation of documents in a foreign language (English or Russian) upon client’s request As agreed
Sending an invoice/payment schedule by post EUR 1.82 (incl. VAT)7
Sending other documents by post Actual costs + EUR 10 (incl. VAT)7
Car inspection at a Citadele Banka branch for cars with the purchase price up to EUR 17,0006. (The commission fee for an inspection is charged regardless of whether the financing transaction is completed or not. An inspection certificate is intended for internal use only and is not issued to the client.) EUR 25 (incl. VAT)
Commission for completion of a debt repayment agreement EUR 36 (incl. VAT)

Effective from 1 December 2017.


1 Effective from 22 February 2016 All commission fees listed in the Price List for CLF Services are merely informative and subject to change.
2 No additional commission fee will be charged in case if any amendments are made to the contract upon its renewal.
3 The commission fee may be increased and determined on an individual basis in case of non-standard statements containing more than two pages.
4 If the document requires no certification or preparation by a notary public.
5 The commission fee may be increased in individual cases.
6  Following the submission of a leasing application to the CLF, the car may undergo inspection at any branch of Citadele Banka, subject to the approval of the inspection time over the phone (+371 6 777 8777).
7 For leasing transactions only.