Current Account

Opening and maintainance of current account Free of charge
if a payment card attached to account has expired, new card has not been issued to the customer, for the second and further years of card’s inactivity 1 5 EUR per month
Maintainance of inactive customer’s account1,2 5 EUR per month
Closure of account Free of charge3

Effective from 15.05.2019.


Escrow account4

Processing of standard agreement of escrow account 0.4% of transaction amount (min. 100 EUR)
Processing of agreement of escrow account with non-standard provisions Individually
Processing of amendments in escrow account agreement 35 EUR
Processing of escrow account agreement, if escrow account in Citadele Bank is used within the new lending transaction 5 0.4% of transaction amount (min. 50 EUR; max 400 EUR

Effective from 15.05.2019.


The fee shall be applied until the account balance is zero.
If there have not been customer’s initiated transactions performed on the current account for more than 12 months and customer has no other contracts concluded with Citadele Bank
If account balance exceeds zero at the moment of the closure of the account, commission fee is charged for the amount of the balance of the account, but not exceeding EUR 10.
The customer who wants to open a transaction account (lending excluded) is serviced only at the branch "Citadele", and at customer service centers and branches outside Riga.
Commission fee can be increased in specific instances