Currency Exchange Transactions

In branches and client service centers

Citadele performs cash and non-cash currency conversions for most popular currencies.

You may purchase the necessary currency from your home or office using Citadele Online Banking. You may also exchange currency without opening an account in almost all Citadele client service centers and branches.

  • Currency exchange at standard rates.
  • On business days from 08:30-17:30, currency exchange is performed at the dealer’s exchange rate in amounts not exceeding 4 000 EUR.
  • Currency exchange may be performed between multicurrency accounts without a commission fee.
  • Exchange of damaged and old banknotes in foreign currencies.
  • Currency Forwards performs delivery of assets, including delivery of currency at the specified price on the specified future date.
  • Currency Swaps transactions are concluded between two parties, where a party lends one currency to another party for a specified time period at a specified price in exchange for another currency.

To perform a currency exchange transaction, a client must show an ID document upon request of the bank officer.

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