Payment card Maestro

Card for daily payments, with a special offer for youngsters and pensioners

Apply for the card

  • Daily card for a wide range of clients
  • Discounts when shopping at cooperation partners of Citadele banka
  • Free cash withdrawals up to 800 EUR per month from Citadele ATMs (for the cards in EUR currency only)
  • Simple online banking with suitable authorization device

For youngsters

  • Free payment card and opening of account in EUR currency for youngsters aged between 7 and 21 (inclusive)
  • Free connection of SMS bank and option of free text messages on the incoming payments
  • Discounts in our partners' stores
  • Citadele mobile application for smart phone users


For seniors

  • Low monthly charge for the card – only 0.40 EUR.
  • Higher interest rates for deposits + 0.10% of the standard interest rate.


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