Credit card MasterCard Standard

Classic global brand credit card for daily payments in Latvia and abroad

  • Individual credit limit amount
  • Monthly repayment of only 5% of the used limit amount
  • Payments and cash withdrawal worldwide
  • Book hotels, plane tickets or rent a car

Achieve financial freedom

  • Apply for the card, if you are an adult residing in Latvia and your monthly net income is at least 350 EUR
  • Get a credit limit up to 15 000 EUR
  • Repay the used credit at once or by instalments – minimum amount to be repaid to the bank between the 1st and 15th date of the next month, is only 5% of the used credit amount

Use for purchases worldwide

  • In more than 35.9 million points of sale worldwide
  • On the internet
  • Book hotels, plane tickets or rent a car

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