Payment card with built in e-ticket

Citadele payment cards

Wish to know the best way for convenient shopping? Citadele payment card with the contactless functionality!

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  • Payment card with the contactless functionality
  • Cash from ATMs worldwide 1x per month free of charge
  • Discounts in our partners' stores
  • SMS on incoming amounts free of charge
  • Payments up to the value of 10 EUR without  PIN code, using contactless cards by putting the card near the terminal when confirming the payment.
  • The first purchase, whatever the amount, must be confirmed by entering the PIN code - this is how the new card is authorised.
  • Payments with contactless card are as safe as with card without such functionality.
  • For larger purchases (if the purchase amount exceeds 10 EUR) pay as usual insert the card in the card terminal and enter the PIN.

With Citadele payment card

Discounts in our partners' stores

Receive discounts up to 10% in more than 240 points of sale in Latvia

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