Fixed-term deposit in euro
currency at a special rate

Apply until 31.10 and earn more*

Deposit through the online bank

*The offer applies only to deposits in euro with a fixed term of 1 year. Interest rate – 0.4%.

  • Fixed interest rate for the whole term
  • Secure deposit with a guaranteed return
  • Higher rates for longer term deposits

Your money earns for you in a term deposit

Keeping money in a sock or current account doesn’t make it grow. In contrast, money deposited in a term deposit will grow slowly and steadily. And it’s nice to know that your money is safe with careful managers.

Term deposit basic conditions

  • We will open and maintain your term deposit account for free.
  • Choose how to receive your interest. Monthly or at the end of the deposit term for the whole deposit period.
  • You can choose the currency of your deposit - Euro (EUR), US (USD) and Australian Dollars (AUD), Russian Ruble (RUB) and Pound Sterling (GBP).
  • The longer the deposit term, the higher the interest rate.
  • Choose a deposit term from 1 month to 10 years.
  • The state guarantees repayment of your deposit at Citadele up to 100,000 Euro.


How much can I save? Let’s calculate together!

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150 EUR

150 000 EUR


Sorry, we do not offer term deposit with standard terms for chosen currency and period

How to apply

  • Online bank

    If you are a Citadele client


  • At a branch

    If you are not yet a Citadele client, apply for a consultation

    Draw up

How to earn more

  • Draw up a term deposit through our online bank and receive an extra 0.10% on top of the standard rate.
  • Choose to automatically extend your term deposit at the end of the term and increase your standard rate by 0.05%.
  • If you are a pensioner and use a Maestro card, we will increase your term deposit standard rate by 0.1%.
  • If your deposit is more than 35,000 Euro, ask us if we can offer a higher interest rate.

Apply through the online bank

How to earn even more

Receive one of these bonuses when you extend your term deposit two weeks before the end of the term:

  • 0.05% added to the standard rate if you extend the deposit contract for the same sum and term.
  • 0.07% added to the standard rate if you extend the deposit contract for the same term as before, but increase the deposit amount.**
  • 0.10% added to the standard rate if you extend the contract for the same deposit amount, but increase the term.

Renew your term deposit through the online bank

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