Savings account+

Save for your goal on top of everyday costs

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  • Receive 3x higher return
  • Free account opening and service 
  • Replenishment of Savings account+ according to your capacity
  • Start saving from any amount

3x higher return in comparison to Maxi savings account

  • Save in EUR and receive annual interest rate of 0.15% or 0.80%  in USD (effective from 17.12.2018)
  • Replenish your savings according to your capacity
  • Receive the saved amount, when necessary, by submitting a notice via Online Banking 35 calendar days in advance
  • Interest is calculated for the prior notice period (35 calendar days) and will be paid along with the full amount of profit

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Savings account+ calculator

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100 EUR

10 000 EUR


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More information about the income tax

Do you have a savings account?

  • Compare the return of your savings account with Citadele's Savings account+ (0.15% EUR, 0.80% USD, effective from 17.12.2018)
  • Change to the new Savings account+ on your Online Banking or in any branch retaining the current account number at Citadele
  • Free account opening and service

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Achieving your saving goals is easier with regular replenishment of savings

  • Start saving even from small amounts and replenish your savings on a regular basis
  • Plan your savings and replenish your Savings account+ on your salary day
  • Regular payment to your Savings account+ saves time, as Citadele automatically replenish your account on a monthly basic to your specification 

Follow the amount of your savings in Online Banking

  • The most convenient way to find out the total amount in your Savings account+
  • If you have applied for regular payment, you can change the regular replenishment amount at any time
  • Receive the saved amount when necessary by sending a notice via Online Banking at least 35 calendar days in advance

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