Maxi savings account with payment card

Save for your goals with access to your money at any moment

Apply for the Maxi savings account

  • deposit what you can and save for as long as you want
  • use saved money at any time by paying with card
  • connect regular savings replenishment for easy achievement of your goals
  • Free MasterCard payment card 

Access to saved money at any moment by making card payments for purchases

  • Free MasterCard payment card 
  • No commission fee for purchases
  • Apply for cash withdrawals 7 days in advance through Online Banking 

Apply for the Maxi savings account

Maxi savings account calculator

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100 EUR

10 000 EUR


Saving money is easy

  • Deposit what you can and save as long as you want
  • Even small savings earn interest – accumulated interest is deposited each month
  • Schedule regular payments into your Maxi savings account the bank will ensure replenishment of your savings automatically
  • Indicate the regular payment amount that you plan  on depositing each month and specify your salary day for execution of the payment to effectively plan your savings

Apply for the Maxi savings account

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