Invest in your child's future

An opportunity to create guaranteed savings for your child, which he or she will receive together with profit at coming of age

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  • supervise and replenish savings for your child through online banking
  • your child will receive savings together with profit at coming of age
  • the savings account can be replenished by parents or any other relative or friend, depositing a freely chosen amount

Guaranteed savings, disregarding the situation on financial markets

  • profit interest is deposited once a year – on the child's birthday. Even small contributions form a serious start-up capital for future goals of your child
  • replenish the savings account free-of-charge in the branch of the bank or by a money transfer
  • deposit how much you can and when you want – the amount for the account replenishment is not limited
  • start with 35 euros (first contribution by opening the savings account)
  • apply for a regular payment for savings replenishment through online banking and the bank will perform savings replenishment automatically

It is easy to start saving for your child's future

  • the savings account can be opened by a parent or the child's guardian in any branch of the bank
  • required documents - child's birth certificate, passport or ID card of parents/guardian, and, if you are the child's guardian - confirmation by orphan's court on guardianship rights
  • choose a currency for savings - EUR, USD or GBP

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