Life insurance for borrower

Safety for borrower

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  • Insurance for unpredicted life situations
  • Money savings for quicker repayment of credit
  • Option to receive personal income tax refund up to 23%
  • Insurance for borrower and warranter in one contract
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Take care of yourself and family by choosing insurance

  • Insure against unpredictable life situations - traumas, disability, loss of life.
  • For insurance for credit, taken in any credit institution.
  • In case of borrower’s death, credit obligations will be covered by insurance.
  • It is possible to insure both the borrower’s and warranter’s life in one contract.

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Choose a contract with accumulated funds, which will give an option to

  • Receive personal income tax relief from the sum for channeling to savings, and payments for insurance.
  • Save money assets, which will work as additional material protection or financial safety “pillow” - possibly the savings will be enough at one point to repay credit obligations.    
  • Indicate in the contract the beneficiary of the remaining sum after credit obligation fulfillment in case of insured or additionally insured person’s death.

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Option to receive personal income tax refund up to 23%

  • Form borrower’s life insurance contract on at least 5 years.
  • Channel a part from the payments to savings.
  • Fill in the declaration in site and receive tax refund in your account.
  • Receive tax refund from sum paid in savings and for insurance, which doesn’t exceed 10% of taxable yearly income.

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