Mortgage credit

Credit with individual approaches and solutions


  • Financing up to 95%
  • Processing in 2 working days
  • Individual interest and repayment schedules
  • Support program for families with children
  • Available even to non-Citadele clients 
  • Free consultation and application review 

Calculate your mortgage payment

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10 000 EUR

300 000 EUR


1 year

30 years


0 %

95 %

In this example, the overall cost for comparison is 2.8% APRC representative

A different solution for everyone

  • House or apartment purchase
  • Home renovation, construction or improvement
  • Land or other real estate purchase
  • Deleting other credit obligations
Altum State support system

State support system to families with children for purchasing home

  • Home purchase with reduced amount of initial payment
  • State guarantee of amount up to 20% of credit sum

Apply and receive suggestions

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If you haven’t decided yet which property to purchase

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