Car credit

Buy the car right away and repay it over longer time.

Find out the amount and apply

  • Car loan up to 15,000 Euro
  • Leasing from 5,000 Euro
  • Receive a quick answer to your financing application

Do you need a car?

We’ll help you buy one straight away. You can pay us back over a longer time. A car loan is suitable for those who plan on buying a used car valued at up to 15,000 Euro. Leasing is more suitable for purchasing a new car, as well as a used car costing more than 5,000 Euro.

Choose what’s best for you

  Car loan Leasing
Financing from 1,000 to 15,000 Euro from 5,000 Euro
Interest rate from 7% from 3.2%
Commission fee 1% (min. 125 Euro) 1,5% (min. 90 Euro)
Maturity from 12 months to 7 years from 6 months to 6 years
Deposit no from 10% or 250 Euro
Car age No limit no older than 15 years by the repayment date
Car valuation not necessary necessary
Security not necessary necessary
KASKO not necessary necessary

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Car loan

Receive the money and go buy a car or motorbike!

  • You will receive the money before buying the car. We will transfer the money to your account 5 minutes after the contract is signed.
  • Low-interest rate from 7%* per year. Register the car with CSDD within 30 days of receiving the loan.
  • No initial deposit.
  • No car age limit, no collateral, car valuation and KASKO.
  • Choose how quickly to pay back the loan - from 12 months to 7 years.

Receive an offer

* 7% - lowest possible loan interest rate for clients who have their wages paid into a Citadele account and who register the car they buy with CSDD within 30 days of signing the loan contract. Assuming the loan interest rate is 7% per year, the total loan sum is 5,000 EUR, the contract is valid for 84 months, the application cost is 125 EUR, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 8.17%, the total amount payable by the client is 6479.60 EUR, and the monthly repayment sum is 75.65 EUR.

How to get a car loan?

  • Receive loan proposal. Find out your available loan amount and interest rate in 5 minutes in Online Banking, on the homepage or at any of our branch offices.
  • Receive funding. Enter into a contract at a Citadele branch office or, if you are already our client, in Citadele Online Banking and receive the money immediately.
  • Choose your car. After receiving the funding, choose your new car and register it in your name at the CSDD within 30 days of execution of the car loan.

Apply for a car loan

Let’s calculate the monthly payment together

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750 EUR

4 750 EUR


15 %

95 %


4 %

8 %



950 EUR


0 %

19 %

Minimum leasing amount is 2000 eur

Number Payment date Remaining amount Principal amount Interest amount Payment amount


Choose a car and we’ll buy it for you! If you have your eye on a car:

  • Receive financing to buy a car from 5,000 Euro.
  • With leasing, we finance up to 90% of the car’s value.
  • You will receive an answer to your leasing application within 2 hours.
  • For cars worth up to 17,000 Euro, we will complete a valuation at one of our branches. We don’t require a valuation of new cars.
  • Choose a repayment date of up to 6 years.
  • You can use leasing if the age of the car by the repayment date is under 15 years.

Apply for leasing

Leasing to buy a motorbike? It’s possible.

Motorcycle leasing.

  • We finance up to 80% of the motorcycle’s value.
  • Repay in up to five years.
  • To receive this service, you must be at least 21 years of age, and your motorbike must not be older than 10 years by the repayment date.
  • If the leasing amount is less than 10,000 Euro, KASKO is not necessary.


How to apply

Start with a consultation. Our leasing specialists have experience in car and motorcycle leasing. Their aim is to find the best solution quickly and help throughout the whole purchase process.

  • Consultation - apply on our website, call or write. We will contact you quickly.
  • Application - submit on our online bank or website, at the bank, or with our business partners - the car dealerships.
  • Contract and financing - sign a contract and you can start using your new car very soon.


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