Receiving income at Citadele has become even more profitable

Offer conditions

Clients (privat persons), who entered into the agreement on a new basic Citadele payment card with Citadele as from 02.01.2017, can receive a preference offer – they can withdraw cash in ATMs of other banks anywhere in the world free of charge using their Citadele payment card – 5 times every month!

The clients, who will enter into the agreement with Citadele from 02.01.2017 to 31.03.2017 (inclusive) and will receive a new Citadele payment card and apply for connection of Citadele Online Banking, can get even more – a single payment of 3% – cash back for purchases paid using Citadele payment card within the first 3 months. Pay for purchases using your Citadele payment card and you will receive cash back in the amount up to 50 EUR on your account after 3 months (the month when Citadele payment card was issued and 2 subsequent months)!

You are not eligible to cash back:

  • when you apply for additional cards;
  • when you re-register cards;
  • if you are the client of the Bank to whom different card tariffs are applied under the Product and Service Pricelist of Bank Citadele;
  • if you are the client of the Bank who apply for a new Citadele payment card with the contactless payment functionality in addition to the existing Citadele payment card.

The following clients also are not eligible to cash back:

  • who closed Citadele payment card and/or Citadele payment card with American Express within the last 6 months;
  • underage persons;
  • clients whose accounts have been blocked upon request of competent state officers or state bodies as of the day of the planned transfer of cash back to their accounts.

We remind that:

From 21.03.2016. to 01.01.2017., the clients (private persons) who have applied for a Citadele payment card or Citadele American Express payment card as well as have set up Citadele Online Banking and SMS Bank have the possibility to get an offer under even more favourable terms:   

  • A Citadele payment card with no card issue and monthly fee
  • Free cash withdrawals from Citadele and Nordea ATMs in Latvia
  • Five times per month, free cash withdrawals from any bank’s ATMs in Latvia and worldwide
  • Innovative Online Banking authorisation device MobileSCAN

Favourable terms will apply for 12 months from the moment when a Citadele payment card or Citadele American Express payment card has been issued as well as Citadele Online Banking and SMS Bank have been set up.

Favourable terms will also apply after 13 months from the card issue date if in the past six months the card was used the total monthly amount of purchases made using the card is not less than EUR 100. If further on the amount of purchases made using the card assessed every six months is not less than EUR 100 per month, you will retain the possibility to use the special terms of the offer!

The offer does not apply to:

  • Redrawn and renewed cards
  • Additional cards
  • Minors
  • Clients already enjoying special payment card rates, for instance, promotional rates, individual rates or rates in accordance with the contracts concluded with companies/institutions regarding issuance of payment cards to the employees of said companies/institutions
  • Clients to whom a Citadele payment card, Citadele American Express payment card or Citadele Maestro payment card was issued before 21 March 2016

Gain your income at Citadele and use not only even more favourable terms of the offer but also the possibility to receive a consumer loan or a mortgage loan at the lowest interest rates!

If you already are a client of any other bank, please remember that switching to another bank account may be facilitated by the Common Principles for Bank Account Switching adopted by the European Banking Industry Committee (EBIC).

Become our client to get a card. If you already are our client, you are welcome to apply for your card via Online Banking or by filling out the Application Form.