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  • Citadele contactless payment card
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide 5x per month free of charge or up to 800 EUR
  • Apply for the card by 01.10.2017. and 1x receive 3% cash back*
  • Discounts in partnering stores
  • Mobile application with MobileSCAN authorization device
  • Only payment card with built-in e-ticket as additional option

Contactless payment card - the best way for convenient shopping!

  • Make payments of up to 10 EUR without  PIN code using contactless cards by putting the card near the terminal when confirming payment
  • The first purchase must be confirmed with PIN code, regardless of amount, to authorise the new card
  • Contactless payments are as secure as payments by non contactless card 
  • If the purchase amount exceeds 10 EUR, pay as usual by inserting the card into the terminal and entering the PIN

* Receiving income in Citadele is now particularly beneficial

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Discounts in partnering stores

Receive discounts up to 10% at more than 240 points of sale in Latvia

Already more than 130 000 card users

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