a Citadele customer

Open account with X smart debit card. Apply by 30.09 and use it free of charge for 3 months.


  • A multifunctional mobile app. Manage your account and cards with ease, make Instant payments to other banks or pay with your phone.
  • Excellent customer service. Receive professional support and guidance on finance questions and bank services in person or remotely 24/7 by phone, mobile chat or WhatsApp.
  • Innovative services. Open an account with a selfie and receive X smart debit card without coming to the bank, approve payments with facial and fingerprint recognition, use the bank’s bracelet, sticker or even a smartphone for payments.

How do I become a customer?

  • On the mobile app

    Download the app and complete the sign-up form, and we will deliver your account contract and X smart card to you when and where it is most convenient for you. For other cards choose other options.

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  • On the website

    Complete the short sign-up and we will call you! By choosing X smart, we will deliver your account contract and debit card to you when and where it is most convenient for you. You can receive other cards at a branch.


  • At a branch

    You are welcome to come to any of our branches!

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With a Citadele account the whole bank is in your pocket

  • Apply for X smart card by 30.09. and use it for 3 months free of charge.
  • Manage your funds easily, securely and favourably, using online banking and the mobile app.
  • You can confirm payments by using both the code card and code calculator, as well as the modern Citadele app integrated authorisation.
  • Transfer up to 1000 euros to more than 1900 banks across Europe in a flash. With X smart this benefit is free of charge!
  • Make fast and secure payments with fingerprint or facial recognition on the mobile app.
  • Find out your options to receive consumer credit, apply for leasing, mortgage or a credit card.

Open an account

Choose a debit card that fits your account the best

Benefits Debit card Debit card with e-ticket             X smart
Monthly card fee 1.00 euro 1.20 euros 1.20 euros
Withdraw up to 800 euros free of charge Only Citadele ATMs ATMs worldwide ATMs worldwide
Contactless payments         ✔           ✔
Use the card as an e-ticket on Riga public transport                 ✔  
Transfers to other banks in Latvia and Europe 0.36 euros 0.36 euros 0.00 euros
Payments with a phone         ✔               ✔         ✔
Payments with a bracelet and card sticker         ✔           ✔
1% for account balance (yearly)             ✔
Rewards for using the card             ✔
Discounts in stores and restaurants             ✔
Choice of card colour             ✔
Decreased monthly card fee for pensioners 0.40 euros    
Monthly card fee for people younger than 21 Free   Free
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