3rd pension pillar savings

Capital and more opportunities for a well-provided future


  • You choose when and how much to pay
  • Enjoy tax refund
  • Receive an additional income once you’re retired

Ensure your well-being in the future

While the 1st and 2nd pension pillars will give you a future pension of up to 50% of your current wage, the 3rd pension pillar will make sure you have additional financing to live your dreams.

Starting to save is easy

  • Anyone can save up —you can start from just 30 Euro per month.
  • Regular payment will help you save much easier.
  • Take the opportunity to get a tax refund on your income tax of up to 20%.


Calculate your provisional capital at 3rd pension pillar

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10 EUR

4 000 EUR


1 %

8 %



Calculations are merely informative and are made based on the income tax and capital gains tax rates in force as of January 1st, 2018. In accordance with the Republic of Latvia income tax law, tax rebates can be claimed on contributions amounting to no more than 10% of your annual taxable income, and no more than 4,000 Euro. *Administrative expenses include the Financial and Capital Market Commission deduction and pension fund administrative costs in accordance with the terms of the pension plan. Meanwhile, remuneration for the manager and holder of the funds are included in the planned capital return (in investments). ** Pension plan investments are made with the aim of producing profit, however, profitability is not guaranteed and there may also be losses and a reduction in pension capital. Please bear in mind that past profitability does not guarantee future profitability.

Choose the best-value pension plan that suits you best

  • Fewer than 10 years until your retirement? Choose CBL Sabalansētais . It is characterised by moderate fluctuations because we invest your savings in lower-risk financial instruments.
  • See the market dynamic as a chance to earn? Get accqainted with CBL Aktīvais. The risks are higher, but it is expected that in the long term investments in dynamic financial instruments may be more profitable.


When will you receive your pension savings?

  • You can withdraw your pension capital from the age of 55.
  • If you wish, feel free to keep making contributions after your 55th birthday.
  • Withdraw in a way that’s most convenient to you: all at once or in parts.
  • Your savings are inheritable—you can choose their recipient.


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