Products and services that are no longer offered

Service Fee
Gold trading (only non-cash transactions) Information in Citadele bank
Gold keeping in the bank 0.035% per month (min. 30 EUR per month)
Mastercard credit card
Mastercard Standard
Currency EUR USD
Fee for card and supplementary card (per annum) 80 EUR 80 USD
Commission fee for goods and services purchase 0.5% (min EUR 0.15) 0.5% (min USD 0.20)
Cash withdrawal in ATM 3% (min. 5 EUR) 3% (min. 5 USD)
Minimum instalment 5% of the spent credit limit amount + 100% of excess expenditure
Credit interest (per annum) 26%
Interest for unauthorised negative balance (per day) 0.175%
Payment from account As from X credit card bundle (in equivalent)