Current Accounts

Opening and maintainance of current account 150 EUR
Maintainance of current account1  
if a payment card attached to account has expired, new card has not been issued to the customer 25 EUR per month
Maintenance of inactive customer’s account2
for private individuals if there have not been customer’s initiated transactions performed on the current account for more than 12 months and customer has no other contracts concluded with Citadele Bank 25 EUR per month
for private individuals and legal entities if there have not been customer’s initiated transactions performed on current account for more than 2 years and customer has no other contracts concluded with Citadele Bank 150 EUR per month
if cooperation with customer is terminated according to the Bank’s initiative and customer hasn’t performed transfer/ withdrawal of funds from the account within the term specified in the notice EUR 300 per month
Remuneration to Citadele banka for the balance of money in the current account3 of a client - legal entity or a group of related clients exceeding: Annual interest rate
CHF 100 000 1%
DKK 750 000 1%
EUR 1 000 0004 0.25%
SEK 1 000 000 1%
Closure of account Free of charge5

Effective from 15.05.2019.


Escrow Accounts

Processing of standard agreement of escrow account , including if escrow account in Citadele Bank is used within the new lending transaction 0.4% of transaction amount (min. 150 EUR)
Processing of agreement of escrow account with non-standard provisions Individually
Processing of amendments in escrow account agreement 35 EUR

Effective from 15.05.2019.


1 If there isn’t enough funds for commission application in current account, than commission is accumulated and transferred to the next month. If client has several current accounts, than commission is applied for one current account by Bank views.
2 Till account balance is zero.
3 It is calculated from the current account balance amount for each calendar day on which the account balance at the end of the day equals or exceeds the amounts specified in the Pricelist, and the total amount calculated during the calendar month is deducted from the account on the last day of the same month. Remuneration may be applied to Citadele Bank individually informing the customer 14 calendar days in advance, unless the customer fulfills the conditions set out in Clause 1 below and therefore the remuneration is applied without any separate notification. 1. Remuneration shall be applied to all customers who are: insurance or reinsurance undertakings and financial institutions (including their subsidiaries) supervised by the FCMC or other financial market supervisory authorities of other countries, the principal activity of which is related to the provision of financial services; Other credit and leasing providers.
4 If currency of the account is not EUR, fee is charged in equivalent.
5 If account balance exceeds zero at the moment of the closure of the account, commission fee is charged for the amount of the balance of the account, but not exceeding EUR 100.