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Purchases with Android mobile phones

1. Download or update the Citadele mobile app.

2. Activate the NFC and payment functions on your phone.

3. Create a Mobile PIN code.

  • The Mobile PIN consists of 4 numbers and is used to confirm purchases with phone.
  • It is the same for all purchases with phone regardless of which card is used for the purchase.
  • Choose your Mobile PIN responsibly - it is not the card PIN code, but you can choose the same one as one of your cards.
  • The PIN code can be changed in the app’s settings.

4. Choose a main card with which you make payments most often. You can change this before each payment.

5. Enter your purchase settings: usage mode and purchase limit without Mobile PIN.

  • Quick purchase mode. Unlock your phone and place near the terminal. Wait for the signal and follow instructions on the terminal and your phone. Your main card will be used for the purchase.
  • Standard mode. Unlock your phone, open the app, choose the card with which you wish to pay, place near the terminal and wait for the signal. If the purchase is more than the specified limit, you will have to enter your Mobile PIN to your phone and place it near the terminal again.
  • Purchase limit without Mobile PIN code. The maximum purchase sum which can be made without entering your Mobile PIN. It can be any sum between 0 and 50 EUR.

6. Wait for confirmation message.

7. Start using!

You can use your phone instead of a MasterCard or Maestro card with any retailer that accepts contactless cards!