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  • Find out what loan you are eligible for
  • Use templates for easy bill payment
  • Order a card and use our other services

It’s worth getting used to the benefits

More than 200,000 clients use the Citadele online bank every day - around 3,000 every half hour. That’s why we make sure everything works quickly and conveniently. 

Online banking opportunities

  • Pay bills more often with a template - enter the amount, and the bank will remember the rest.
  • Use instant payments for transactions that can’t wait.
  • Choose to pay using a template, payment history or account statement - whatever’s easiest.
  • Easily filter transactions by various criteria, export the results in PDF or Excel format.

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Manage your cards through the online bank

  • Need to quickly block a card? Do it via the online bank. You can unblock it afterwards.
  • Activate a card you receive by post.
  • Conveniently pay your credit card’s minimum payment.
  • Freely change the location and method of receiving your card.
  • Order an extra card.
  • If you have permanently lost your card, apply for a new one.

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More opportunities with online bank

With online banking, services are available 24 hours a day, wherever you are.

  • Need a loan? Find out your credit rating and choose your loan type - consumer loan, car loan or X credit card with credit limit.
  • Have your eyes on a dream car? Apply for leasing.
  • Start saving - choose a savings account or deposit in the online bank and get the best interest rates.
  • Make sure you have a great retirement with a Level 3 pension.
  • If you’ve just renewed your passport or ID card, you don’t have to plan a trip to a branch. Submit your renewed documents online.
  • Ask a bank employee any questions you may have through the online bank’s chat.

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Love shopping online? Great!

With the Citadele online bank, it will be extra easy to identify yourself and pay.

  • Pay straight from your account when you shop online.
  • If the online shop allows it, log in with online banking without creating a separate profile.

Choose the easiest method to log in

  • MobileSCAN - the solution for smartphone users. All you need is a fingerprint or Face ID.
  • Code cards. Citadele’s code card solution is secure enough for you to keep using.
  • Code calculator. A more powerful alternative to code cards.

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SMS bank

Receive texts on incoming and outgoing transactions, as well as for card payments.

  • Choose the best time for you to receive texts.
  • Add more than one client’s SMS bank to one phone number.
  • One SMS costs 9 cents. The charge is made once per month for all messages.

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More opportunities

  • Mobile app

    Pay with a look or touch. 100% card security. Chat with the bank online.

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  • X Cards

    From ordinary card to X card. X Smart card for every day purchases and X credit cards.


  • Consumer loan

    Loan of up to 15,000 Euro. Interest rate from 9% per year.

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