Let’s get to know each other!
I’m your new bank branch!

Now the whole bank is in one app

  • Log in and confirm payments with a fingerprint or FaceID
  • Become a client with a “selfie”
  • Change your card’s PIN code

Payments to phone number

No more need to know bank account number – now phone number is enough.

  • Add your number to Instant Links registry, offered by Bank of Latvia. You can do it using our mobile app.
  • Pay to mobile phone numbers of your friends, colleagues, neighbors and other private customers without searching for their bank account numbers.
  • Making a payment is just as easy as sending an SMS.

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Now use a “selfie” to become a client and get an X Smart card

  • Take a selfie and a photo of your passport or ID card, even if it’s Friday evening or while you’re at the beach.
  • We’ll deliver your X Smart card wherever and whenever free of charge.
  • That is all there is, no need to go to the bank!
  • You can become a customer and receive X card from the age of 16. But, until you reach legal age, instead of using mobile app please come to any of our branches with one of your parents.

About X smart

Now pay with a look or touch

  • Log in and confirm payments with FaceID, and your unique smile will be your key. Available to Apple phone users.
  • Log in and confirm payments with your fingerprint. Available to Apple and Android phone users.
  • If you are an iPhone user, you can pay with your voice, using Siri command.
  • You can still log in and confirm payments with your 5-figure MobileSCAN PIN code.

Total card security

  • Create a new PIN code for your payment card, wristband or sticker.
  • Manage your card user settings.
  • Activate or disable cash withdrawals and internet purchases.
  • Block card if necessary.

The most popular prize and discount programme - now also in your mobile app

  • Always see if you can receive discounts or special offers nearby when paying with your X card.
  • The points you earn are always in sight.
  • Exchange X REWARDS points for prizes.

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Even more opportunities

  • X smart card for every day

    X REWARDS prizes and discounts. Earn on your account balance. Free Euro transfers to all of Europe.

    Apply conveniently and easily

  • Modern contactless payments

    Choose your contactless payment method - wristband, sticker or phone.

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  • Credit rating

    Take 5 minutes to find out instantly how much we can lend you and at what interest rate.

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