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In Citadele mobile application there is an authorization device which can be activated if you use mobile device with Apple iOS or Android operating system. By activating MobileSCAN you can use your Citadele Online Banking in any moment, not worrying if you have your code card/calculator with you. All that is necessary to get authorization code and access Citadele Online Banking, is your mobile device with Citadele mobile application which has MobileSCAN and your 5 digit PIN code.

Connect Citadele Online Banking with Citadele mobile application, without searching for code card or calculator. A login name, password and MobileSCAN PIN code are enough.

How to activate MobileSCAN

  • To start using MobileSCAN, first you’ll need to receive MobileSCAN license - it can be receive in your Citadele Online Banking or in any bank Citadele branch.
  • If your MobileSCAN license has been previously activated and you wish to repeat MobileSCAN activation or add a new device; do it in Citadele Online Banking or in any bank Citadele branch (comming to the branch, please bring valid identity document, mobile device and activation license).
  • By using one license MobileSCAN can be activated for up to three mobile devices.
  • At any moment MobileSCAN can be canceled in Citadele mobile application settings.

Necessary for MobileSCAN use

What you should know about MobileSCAN

  • If in Citadele Online Banking you manage not only yours, but also other accounts (company, parents, wife/husband), when you connect to Citadele Online Banking with MobileSCAN, you will only see them when account owner’s permit is received. Account owner can give you permit in his Citadele Online Banking, by sending order text in free form “Please give XXXXX (personal identity number XXXXXX-XXXXX) permit to manage my accounts in full regimen, using authorization device MobileSCAN, activation license No. XXXXXXXX”, or by coming to any bank Citadele branch in Latvia and signing the according application.
  • MobileSCAN license issued in bank must be kept, so MobileSCAN can be activated repeatedly if necessary on that same device or other mobile devices.
  • MobileSCAN can be used parallel to other authorization devices, but in one Online Banking session you can use only one type of authorization device.
  • To add or remove devices go in your Citadele Online Banking MobileScan section.
  • Safety level of mobile device depends on the manufacturer and customer settings in the according device. According to device safety level, payment limits are set when activating MobileSCAN. Payment limits could be different if MobileSCAN is activated in online banking. In order to increase payment limits come to any bank Citadele branch.
  • MobileSCAN PIN code can be changed in bank Citadele mobile application, MobileSCAN setting section. If PIN code has been forgotten, MobileSCAN must be switched off and re-activated again in Citadele Online Banking or bank Citadele branch, with an identifying document, your mobile device and activation license.
  • If you enter incorrect MobileSCAN PIN code 5 times in a row, MobileSCAN will be blocked. In case of MobileSCAN blocking it must be activated again in Citadele Online Banking by going to bank Citadele branch with valid identifying document, your mobile device and activation license.
  • Repeated MobileSCAN activation with the current license is free of charge.
  • In case of losing/stealing of the mobile device, immediately call 67010000 and ask to block MobileSCAN in the according device, or, you can do it in Citadele Online Banking connecting with another authorization device.

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