Reception of MobileSCAN license and activation thereof in Online Banking

If you activate MobileSCAN for the first time

  1. Access Citadele Online Banking.
  2. Open the “MobileSCAN” section on the left. 
  3. Press the button „Connect MobileSCAN”.

  4. After pressing the button “Connect MobileSCAN”, enter the code from your code card or calculator used to connect to Online Banking.

  5. Upon pressing the button „Execute”, you will see the following message on the screen „ You must return to the MobileSCAN section to finish MobileSCAN activation.Usually the application is processed immediately, but, if this was not the case, we will process it on the same business day, provided that the application has been sent before 4.00 PM. If the application has been sent after 4.00 PM, most likely, we will process on the next business day.”

  6. Open the „MobileSCAN” Online Banking to continue MobileSCAN activation. If you see a MobileSCAN license number and a button “Add a new device”, the application has been confirmed.
  7. Press the button „Add a new device” and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  8. Open the Citadele mobile application on the mobile device where you would like to activate MobileSCAN. Press the button “MobileSCAN” to access the start activation screen.
  9. Scan the colourful code displayed on the Online Banking screen with the selected mobile device.
  10. Devise a 5-digit PIN code to be further used for connection to Online Banking and enter it into your mobile device.
  11. The digital code will be displayed on the screen of the mobile device – enter the digital code displayed on the screen of the mobile device into the Online Banking field „MobileSCAN activation code”.
  12. Press the button „Next”,  MobileSCAN will be activated in your mobile device!

If you already have a MobileSCAN license and would like to activate MobileSCAN repeatedly or on another device