Remote account management systems

Citadele Online Banking

Registration, servicing, refusal from service (closure) Free of charge
Transaction limits See Appendix No 2 paragraph 3

Effective from 15.05.2019.


Authorization Devices

Issuing of DIGIPASS 40 EUR
Issuing of DIGIPASS 780 35 EUR
Replacement or unlocking of locked DIGIPASS (if the device locked due to customer’s inattention) 30 EUR
Issuing of DIGIPASS GO3 10 EUR
Unlocking of DIGIPASS, DIGIPASS GO3 if the device is locked for use in Online banking Free of charge
Replacement of DIGIPASS GO3 due to technical reasons (within 2 years from the moment of connection) Free of charge
Replacement of Code card upon customer’s request Free of charge
Activation of MobileSCAN within one license or The first / the repeated activation of MobileSCAN within the already issued license 1,2 Free of charge

Effective from 02.09.2019.


Citadele SMS bank

Service connection Free of charge
Citadele Bank’s short message sent to customer 3 0.09 EUR

Effective from 15.05.2019.


Digilink service

Registration Free of charge
Changes in Agreement Free of charge
Subscription fee per month 15 EUR
Authentication4 per month EUR 15
Commission fee for each received payment 1.5% of the payment amount but no less than EUR 0.07

Effective from 01.02.2020.


Citadele Gateway service

Registration 50 EUR
Subscription fee per month:
Informative mode 20 EUR
Transactions mode 40 EUR

Effective from 15.05.2019.


Several mobile devices can be attached to the same MobileSCAN license.
MobileSCAN can be registered at branches and customer service centers in Latvia as well in Online Banking if User is Customer in Online Banking Agreement.
Commission fee for messages sent by Citadele Bank’s is charged from customer’s account once per month.
Authentication – demand of service provider for automatic identification of the customer.