Safe keeping services

Branch Citadele (2A Republikas square, Riga)

Box sizes Per month1 Per annum1
XS, height to 55 mm 36 EUR 240 EUR
S, height to 95 mm 42 EUR 300 EUR
M, height to 145 mm 48 EUR 354 EUR
L, height to 300 mm 54 EUR 444 EUR
XL, height to 300 mm 78 EUR 600 EUR

Effective from 15.05.2019.
Fee for safe-box rent is withheld for full period of rental agreement (term of safe-box renting), during processing of rental agreement or its (term of safe-box renting) maturity term prolonging.


Safe keeping services

Commission fee for safe-box opening if customer has lost the key of the safe box 275 EUR
Commission fee for customer’s safe-box content’s storage in Citadele Bank’s joint safe-box 2 18 EUR per month (VAT included)
Increased fee for renting a non-released safe deposit box after the end of the rental period (per day) 3 EUR (VAT included)

Effective from 15.05.2019.


1 Fees including VAT.
2 Commission fee is applied if customer’s safe box content is placed and being stored in Citadele Bank joint safe-box according to Safe-box Rent Conditions.