Term deposit

Deposit money for a fixed term with a guaranteed interest rate

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  • Open and maintain your deposit for free
  • Deposit equal to or in excess of 150 EUR
  • Receive a fixed interest rate for the entire length of the deposit
  • The security of the deposit is protected by the Deposit Guarantee Law

Receive higher profit margins

  • Apply for term deposit through Online Banking and receive a 0,10% interest rate compared to those formed at a bank branch
  • Deposits over 35 000 EUR may be offered higher interest rates. Find out more during bank working hours by phone 67010589 or 67010590

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Choose an automatic term deposit extension and earn more

  • Receive 0.05% extra on a standard rate
  • Access at any time on Online Banking or branch
  • A term deposit will automatically be extended to the same length and starting sum, with the current internet bank annual interest rate

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