Savings Account+

Save for your goals away from your everyday spending

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  • Unlimited payment and withdrawal
  • Increase your Savings Account+ according to your opportunities
  • Free set-up and service
  • Begin saving with any amount

3x greater interest than the Maxi Savings Account

  • Save in EUR and receive an annual interest rate of 0.15%, or 0.55% in USD (from 19.03.2018)
  • Increase your account as you are able
  • If you are in need of your money, apply for it through internet banking 35 calendar days in advance
  • Interest is calculated for the advance warning period (35 calendar days) and is paid out together with the withdrawal

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Do you already have a savings account?

  • Compare the interest rate in your savings account with Savings Account+ (0.15% EUR, 0.55% USD, from 19.03.2018.)
  • Switch to a new Savings Account+ in your Online Banking or any branch, keeping your current Citadele account number
  • There is no commission fee for setting up and maintaining a Savings Account+

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Reaching your goal is easier when you regularly increase your savings

  • Begin saving even with small amounts of money, regularly topping up your savings
  • You can increase your savings with no limits
  • Setting up a regular payment to your Savings Account+ will save you time, because Citadele will top up your account automatically every month from your account

Keep up with your savings through Online Banking

  • The easiest way to find out your total savings in Savings Account+
  • If you have set up a regular payment, you can change your regular payment amount at any time
  • If you need access to your money, you can apply through Internet Banking 35 days in advance

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