Regular Payment of E-bills

Entrust payment of your bills to the bank!

Connect E-bill regular payment service (ERRA) and the bank will pay your bills making transfers from your account.

  1. Connect to your Online Banking.
  2. Open section ‘Payments’ > E-bill regular payment.
  3. Choose ‘Create an order for E-bill regular payment’.
  4. Choose a service provider from the list. If you cannot find the particular service provider in the list, it means that this company does not offer e-bills. In such case use the Regular Payment service offered by the bank, or pay a bill yourself in your Online Banking.
  5. Enter the requested data and save them by signing with a code from your autorisation device.

From now you do not have to worry about time timely payment of this bill!

If you do not use Citadele Online Banking, you may apply for this service at any branch or client service centre of Citadele banka as well as at the portal of AS FITEK that maintains the ERRA infrastructure. You also can view your bills there and cancel payments of any bill, if necessary.

Terms of Regular Payment of Bills

Price list

Apply for E-bill regular payment in the Online Banking