Payment plans

Making everyday business payments has become even more convenient


  • The most suitable payment plan with no fee for the first 6 months
  • 5% cashback on payments made
  • Open an account with no fee
  • Personal manager at the bank
  • Visa Business card for 12 months with no fee
  • Financing of up to 20 000 EUR within 3 working days

Offer valid until 31.10.2017. Find out more about the offer

Select the most suitable payment plan for your business!

Services included in the Payment plan Citadele 15 Citadele 55 Citadele 120
Unlimited number of online payments within Citadele bank 0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
Standard online payments in EUR to other banks in Latvia (including the Treasury) and Europe 0 EUR (15 payments) 0 EUR (55 payments) 0 EUR (120 payments)
Opening and maintaining one current account 0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
One Visa Business credit card in the first year 0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
Connection to Citadele internet banking and SMS banking 0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
Authorisation tool Digipass GO3 for one user 0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
Authorisation tool MobileSCAN for all users 0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
Payment plan commission fee per month (after 6 months) 7 EUR 17 EUR 37 EUR

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