Payment plans

Convenient and predictable

Apply for a Citadele Payment Plan

  • Payments in the amount of your choice free of charge
  • Current account free of charge
  • Visa Business card free of charge for the first year
  • Authorization device free of charge
  • Convenient day-to-day banking services
  • Own manager at the bank

For your company’s development

  • Open an account to make your company’s daily life more convenient
  • Choose the Payment Plan most suitable for you
  • Apply for a credit card and be an active client of Citadele Bank
  • Get a credit limit for your company’s development

Apply for a Citadele Payment Plan

Choose the most suitable for you!

Services included in a Payment Plan Citadele 15 Citadele 55 Citadele 120
Electronic payments within Citadele Bank (without limitation) 0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
Standard electronic payments to other banks in Latvia and EU-regulated payments  Latvijā (arī uz Valsts Kasi) un Eiropā 0 EUR (15 payments) 0 EUR (55 payments) 0 EUR (120 payments)
Opening and Maintenance of one Current Account 0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
One Visa Business credit card in the first year 0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
Setting up Citadele Online Banking and SMS Bank 0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
Authorisation device MobileSCAN or Digipass GO3 per one user 0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
Monthly commission fee for a Payment Plan 7 EUR 17 EUR 37 EUR

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Bank’s services in the Internet and mobile device

Being an active Citadele Bank client is profitable

  • Use any of the payment plans for at least six months.
  • Each month, make at least one payment in Citadele Online Banking  or mobile application.
  • During a 6-month period counting from the first current account opening day, each month (if you are a micro tax payer, then once per quarter) make at least one tax payment to the State Treasury in Citadele Online Banking  or mobile application.
  • In the seventh month Citadele Bank will transfer EUR 100 to your company’s current account.

Citadele is my bank

Entrepreneurs tell their stories

  • Augusts Iesalnieks, Head of Wash&Drive Ltd, ‘All in all, we have opened five Wash&Drive self-service car washes in Latvia. Within the next two to three years we plan to build more than 40 car washes throughout Latvia investing approx. EUR 12 million into their construction. We implement our development plans with Citadele Bank with which we have established a very good cooperation. Prior to choosing this bank, we also considered other banks’ offers and found Citadele’s loan offer more acceptable and understandable for us.’
  • Jānis Bumbulis, Owner and Chairperson of the Board of Irve Ltd, ‘We have been cooperating with Citadele since our first day, and have together implemented significant projects. For instance, a couple of years ago I was able to buy back the company’s shares from a partner with the help of Citadele’s loan. In turn, in 2016, in cooperation with Citadele we bought a launderette equipped with the latest equipment in Salaspils which helps considerably enhance our production capacity. We are the most long-standing laundry and dry-cleaning services company in Latvia also dealing with making and rental of clothing.’
  • Enno Ence, Head of Milzu!, ‘I appreciate Citadele’s support in the development of production of Milzu! products. Back in the day, we involved funds of the Rural Support Service to buy equipment, whereas the support of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia helped in making recipes. It is known that the additional EU funds may be received only upon project completion. Investors and all other banks, except Citadele, refused to give a loan to a start-up company, whereas Citadele assessed our business plan and believed that it was just the beginning of our success.’  

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