Letters of Credit

Decreases the risk of international trade transactions

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  • Ensure a decrease in the risk of buying/selling deals
  • Ensure a guarantee of payment for goods or services
  • Secure, internationally recognised payment method
  • Transaction regulated by conditions set by the International Chamber of Commerce

More secure import and export transactions

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A letter of credit is necessary if

  • You have a new international business partner with whom your business relationship is untested
  • Your business partner requires a letter of credit as a payment method
  • You, as the seller, are unsure of the buyer’s ability to pay
  • You, as the buyer, are unsure if the seller will deliver the goods
  • Deals are done with foreign partners (in China or India, among others) - including in countries where delivery takes a long time and there is no specific knowledge of this country’s legislation, and so on...

Citadele bank will form an import letter of credit in exchange for collateral

  • Money towards the amount of the letter of credit sum which is transferred to the letter of credit collateral account
  • Real estate belonging to the business or a third party
  • A commercial pledge on assets belonging to the business
  • A private person’s and other business’ guarantees
  • Any other collateral accepted by the bank

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