Microloan without pledge for farmers

Microloan up to 20 000 EUR for the purpose at your discretion


  • 1 000 - 20 000 EUR
  • For purposes at your discretion
  • You may be a client of another bank at the moment of submission of an application
  • For 1 year, with an option for term extension
  • Interest rates starting from 12% per annum
  • Commission fee of 2% of the amount, not exceeding 150 EUR

Most convienient financing for your farm everyday needs

May works continue!

  • Fill in an application for the business support loan
  • Submit a printout from the e-application system of the Rural Support Service (RSS) with regard to subsidies received within the last 2 years (VPM, ZAL, RLZP, ADSI, BLA/BLAJ/BLAV) and current declared areas
  • Submit the last annual income declaration together with D3 Annex (Income from commercial activity) that was submitted to the SRS, if you keep accounting in the simplified entry system
  • Sign a loan agreement at any branch of the bank

Aplly for microloan

Convenient repayment of the used credit limit

  • Possibility to repay the loan prematurely
  • Repay at least 5% of the used amount every month
  • Monthly payment for the used amount of the credit limit shall be made until the 15th date of the next month
  • Interest shall be paid only for the used amount of the credit limit
  • After repayment of the credit limit in full or in part, the repaid amount is available at once for repeated use

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