Payments in the internet - DigiLink

For identification of users of your website and acceptance of payments from Citadele Online Banking


  • Know the identity of a user of your website
  • Offer your client an option to pay from a connected account

When it's important to know the identity of a user of your website

  • DigiLink is the simplest and fastest way to determine the identity of a user of your website.
  • A user only has to connect to Citadele Online Banking.

Users of your website will appreciate the possibility to pay for goods and services from their account

  • Convenient. A client does not need to look for a payment card.
  • Fast. Money for purchases is credited to the company’s account in Citadele immediately after payment.
  • Safe. Payment information is sent via a secure channel, and a client confirms the transaction using the authorisation device issued by the bank.

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