Microloan for enterprises up to 30 000 euro without collateral

Apply for the Microloan by scoring your company’s credit rating


  • Response within seconds
  • Amount: 1,000 - 30,000 Euro
  • Without collateral
  • Interest rate from 12% per year
  • Available for customers of Citadele and other banks
  • For purpose of your choice

Lucrative conditions

  • Microloan issued as a credit limit.
  • Interest rate from 12% per year.
  • Interest is paid only for used limit amount.
  • Minimum monthly repayments only 5% of the amount spent from your total credit limit.
  • When the amount spent is fully or partially repaid, the repaid sum is instantly available for use again.
  • Credit limit can be repaid before the deadline with no commission.

Apply for a Microloan

What is a credit rating?

A credit rating is an evaluation of a business’ ability to borrow, taking into account:

  • Credit history
  • Current commitments
  • The business’ finances
  • Payment discipline
  1. Find out your credit rating

    It will only take a few minutes and comes with no obligations. You will see the results of the bank’s evaluation of your business’ ability to borrow without collateral. The calculation is based on accuracy of information you provided.

  2. Find out more about receiving a Microloan

    If your companies credit rating is positive, a loan up to 30,000 Euro without collateral may be of use to you. Apply if you are interested in our offer. We will be in contact personally

  3. Loan distribution

    Sign your Microloan contract at any Citadele branch. The process is simple and fast.

Find out your credit rating

What is a Credit Rating?

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