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For customer friendly and convenient shopping in your online store

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E-commerce solution Payeezy

In cooperation with Worldline Latvia Ltd.

  • Ensures acceptance of payments cards: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Maestro
  • Easily compatible with such content management systems (CMS) as: OpenCart (versions 1.5, 2.2, 2.3 un 3.0); Magento (version 1.9); WooCommerce (version 3.4); PrestaShop (version 1.5 un 1.7); Oxid (version 4.9)

Customer friendly and convenient shopping in your online store

Recurring Payments

To charge both: fixed and variable amounts of money. The recurrence cycle is not determined - it may be done both: once a day or once a month, or with any other recurrence cycle. This service is chosen by the companies for the services of which customers pay in the form of a membership fee (for instance, a gym) or in the form of monthly invoices (for instance, the Internet service providers).

One Click Payments

The possibility for online shoppers is to keep the payment card details while making further purchases with this card without entering card's data repeatedly. This accelerates the process of sale and increases customer satisfaction.

Invoice emailing to the customer's email address (Pay by Link)

The possibility to draw up a customer's invoice and email it together with a link to the payment form, for instance, in cases when the previous payment was not completed due to some reason, or when offering one's services over the telephone.

Payment for partial deliveries

If your business deals with the delivery of goods sometimes only partial deliveries can be made due to the reasons beyond your control. E-commerce solution provides the possibility to charge customers only a portion of the payment, i.e. for the physically completed order. This will help reduce the number of customer complaints and increase customer satisfaction.

Additional information about card payments (Dynamic Descriptor)

Essentials for companies rendering services to customers via several domains. This solution allows adding additional information to transactions so that customers could see in their account statements the webpage on which a purchase was made.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

If you provide your services outside Europe, this solution gives the possibility to offer customers to make payments in the currency of their choice based on the currency exchange rate effective at the time of the transaction.


E-commerce portal - free of charge!

  • The possibility to see current authorisation statuses of purchases made using a card. Reports, graphic reports on payments of different types and formats (xml, html, txt, pdf).  
  • The possibility to complete, cancel and pay for transactions.
  • The possibility to email a payment completion link to the purchaser's email address together with an invoice (Pay by Link)  
  • Both automatic and manual close of business day to receive funds for the transactions made in your bank account.

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  • Integration of Payeeze in your online store

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