What kind of terminal is most suitable for your business?

Choose card terminals by Ingenico or Verifone.

Stationary POS terminal

  • Suitable for small and medium businesses with a permanent retail location.
  • Internet connection is necessary.
  • Monthly fee 12.99 EUR + VAT*.


Mobile POS terminal

  • Suitable for all businesses including those who sell off-site, restaurants with tables, delivery of goods and services to customers, etc.
  • Terminals can be used anywhere with mobile internet coverage.
  • SIM card with internet access necessary - offered by LMT, Tele2 and Bite
  • For your convenience, we provide an LMT SIM card.
  • Monthly fee 12.99 EUR + VAT*.


mPOS terminal

  • Suitable for small businesses, individual traders, off-site retail, trading at markets and fairs.
  • Can be linked to Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets.
  • Terminal sends electronic receipts via email.
  • Easily track sold goods.
  • Monthly fee 6 EUR + VAT.*


Integrated cash register systems

  • Suitable for businesses with a large number of customers which use cash register systems which can integrate with a POS terminal.
  • Give the option of speeding up the payment process, no need to enter the amount twice.
  • Individual monthly fee.


Built-in POS terminal

  • Suitable for car parks, parcel machines, petrol stations and similar locations where customers are offered self-service options.
  • Card payments are processed without the need for an employee.
  • Monthly fee 27 EUR + VAT*.


Special offer* for new clients

  S offer M offer L offer
Planned turnover on one terminal up to 5,000 Euro from 5 to 10,000 Euro over 10,000 Euro
Card acceptance commission rate 0.99% + 0.01 EUR 0,99% + 0,01 EUR 0,85% + 0,01 EUR
Terminal rental fee First 6 months First 6 months First 6 months
Terminal rental fee from month 7 From 6.00 + VAT From 12.99 + VAT From 12.99 + VAT

*Citadele Bank reserves the right to consider each retailer’s application individually, and as a result, each offer may differ from the special offer

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Monthly fee

The monthly fee model frees the business from paying upfront for the cost of the terminal, maintenance, replacements and repairs. Free extra receipt paper. We will train your cashiers.

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